Is this a good, bad or neutral thing ?

ladies when a guy sends you a text message saying goodnight and sweet dreams is it good ? because It but it was late I had just finished work at midnight and I sent a girl a text saying goodnight sweet dreams, she didn't reply because I had a feeling she was sleeping already but she replied back in the morning saying you too

i sent her another good night text msg
should I do this more often or do it rarely ? the whole texting her good night thing?


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  • good thing! that shows your thinking about her and it's very sweet :) especially if you like each other, if yall are just friends it could mean they're interested but then again some guys are just that open and it wouldn't mean a thing.. overall GOOD THING :)

    • I do like her and was thinking about her I was debating what I should say for like an hour while at work lol

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    • say what ever is on your mind bro..and if there is nothing on your mind then say I don't know what to talk about. But Iwant to talk to you ..girls want what guys want which is honesty and guts keep talking to her as you been advice. but don't text her if she doesn't text you back . as in when you text her and she does'nt text wait until she replys to your first text .

    • yeah what she said, you don't wanna chase her only to find out she's not into you.. make sure she's texting you back and she wants to talk to you :)

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  • maybe not every night but vary it or sometimes message her good morning.or thinking of you.hope your enjoying your day.those are always sweet too...

  • Good but doesn't mean she likes you that way ..If you like her and you are wondering if she likes you I advice you ask her straight out!

  • yes it is a good would mean the guy is thinking about is very sweet.girls love it.


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