Will a guy still always be curious?

if a guy and a girl have a lot of dirtytalk over the period of a year and find they are both into the exact same stuff which is far from the 'norm' , she refuses to meet up and date him (long story, I asked about that earlier) he says time and time again that there's nothing he wants more than to be doing all this and she's his perfect girl. he then, after 13 months, meets a girl he's now dating, will he still always wonder what sex would have been like with the other girl he wanted for a year from time to time or may he simply forget her?


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  • Emm it depends on the guy really, if he didn;t have sex with the one year chick then he will ofcourse say ' diam if I shagged her too it would have been perfect, but ohh well p**** is p**** ' but you see you were playing hard to get because you had something that had value at the time so you didn;t give it, and now he's getting some, you now want to give it to him (thats how majority of girls are, undecisive).

    You made him horny for 13 months and he is releasing it all on this new chick, she is gona get bum rash. However, from my experienced point of view, if you two were constantly talking about f**king each other then he won't forget unless you disconnect with him completely (change number or something). Seems like you can;t stop thinking about him.

    • Im doubting very much the new girl is into the things me and him are, obviously he likes her but I'm guessing he knows me and him are more suited, yes I do think about him a lot since he met her, I think its a case of you don't know what youve got til its gone.

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    • well to be honest id prefer that he didn't already know her cos if he already knew her I would be wondering if he was playing us both for a year

    • He doesn't know how close he was to success (with Taylor, hey ;)) before he gave up. You see he probably felt kinda low but for you to ignore him, but it was good for your profile because if he is mr. hot then he generally gets what he wants quick and hard chicks stand out more so that explains why he was persistent to wait until he decided to try and make you jealous so he can save you for a rainy day (maybe I'm wrong). Yup ldn, & thanks, my accent ain't as hot as yours I'm sure

  • Nope, He'd forget since he's all into his new girl.

    • what if the new girl isn't into the kinky stuff? and the other girl is a lot more his type and were still in contact via Facebook?

    • Then obviously he will if he talks to her.

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