Tough times at home affecting dating?

so my mother and father are both not happy in marriage. both are not really liking me marrying my man. I feel he is the sweetest guy I've ever met and fall in love with who he is. he doesn't have a lot of money but I believe that we can work through this tough time. he does have student loans.

we both have a job. I am wondering if anyone has any advice. both parents of mine are not supporting me financially or emotionally. it's hard. what would you do? especially if you're engaged already


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  • If you're ready to get married, don't be expecting your parents to support you financially. But that's messed up they don't support you physically either. You should sit them down and tell them even tho they are so miserable with their own lives doesn't mean they have to make yours miserable too

    • thanks for your kind words. yes I am trying to ignore myparents