Should I get my ex a card for a birthday or just wish him a happy birthday?

We just recently broke up about two weeks and it was mutual agreement but his birthday is this weekend and before you think that I'm doing this to try to get him back IT'S NOT! I just didn't know if I should or not I still care about him as a friend and love him as a person...we haven't been talking much at all he text me the other day asking me how I was doing but I didn't realize he had text me to later on that night and I just decided not to text him back...


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  • if I was you I would just wish him a happy birthday even though the break up was a mutual decision it could still be taken the wrong way,

    a Facebook happy birthday message is always great:D or even text him happy birthday to show him there's no hard feelings since you didn't text him back the other day.

    hope I helped :)

  • Why not? That is if you don't want to get back together..

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