Asking a potential girlfriend to "hang out"

what are good ways to be one on one with a girl I like?

what do I say or what is the best thing to say/do/go...



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  • Well if you're patient, you can wait to see if she mentions a movie she'd like to see and the mention that you also wanted to see it. Then you can suggest you and her go see the movie. Or if she's talking about a movie that's been out that she hasn't seen, you can just say something along the lines of, "Oh you're missing out. I'll make it my duty to make sure you see that movie. You should come over one time and we can watch it." This can be applied to anything really, like if there's something she wants to try, or if you have a class together try and be in the same group as her and you can casually suggest that you "meet up during the weekend to work on the assignment."


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  • U can ask her out 2 see a movie, or go out and eat, or you can be like do want 2 hang out some time.. And I think she will say ya good luck !


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