Do I text her again if she stops mid-convo but is interested?

Note: I don't know if she has interest in me(yet), I'm talking about interest in the conversation. Also we're teens, I'm 19 she's 18

Sorry if the thread title is a giant "duh, answer is obvious" but I still wanted some viewpoints anyway.

So me and this girl have been texting for about a week, (FYI: I've dropped some flirty comments to show some interest) and she'll sometimes stop texting me mid-conversation.

But in her replies to me they're usually lengthy and full of "Excitement" so to speak, like emoticons and "I know right? I love that ___ too!"

BUT I noticed she won't pick up the conversation from where it left off, like if I'm talking about "A", we get a good convo going, and then she stops, she won't text me back the next day to continue the convo

However one of my guy friends was talking to her and told me she's forgetful about texting... but idk. seems fishy. if she liked me she'd remember to text back?

Also how would you gauge her interest in m

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  • It probably depends on what you texted her.. like did you text her things that there really is something to respond to?

    and also if it's the next day you can't really expect her to continue the convo from the day before.. she'll expect you to text her first again

    • A couple of times I've texted her that did need a response, and no reply.

      Also a couple of times during our conversations I'd tetx stuff that didn't need a comment but she commented anyway.

      So yeah... weird :p

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