Is she playing hard to get or not interested?

hey everyone

I met this girl about a month ago who I like. I've been very busy so I haven't had the chance to meet up that often. We've been out on 4 dates to various places, nothing too extravagant: ice skating (holding hands), dinner, movies. She always texts back relatively quick, sometimes including that she's "cold". I asked her to hangout tonight and she said she had other plans, but maybe some other time, then we proceeded to text each other for the next 3 hours which kinda died. I'm going to text her back tomorrow to keep her wondering. Is this girl playing hard to get by trying to create a busier life and have me work harder, or is she not interested? We're both in College.


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  • She might be playing hard to get and testing you. Or she's actually busy (her life doesn't revolve around you lol)! If you like her, try once more. Better yet, call her, don't text. If she tells you she's busy again, then the ball is definitely in her court.


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