Will ignoring my ex-girlfriend make her want to get ahold of me or piss her off?

30M & 24F

I'll try to make this as short as possible..lol! Well I met this girl oddly in jail on work release program, we had to do a few days for DUI's. We got really close for the time we were there and could see each other. She was really into me at first and I was kind of stand offish, being that we did meet in jail and all. But as time went on I realized I really liked her and agreed to be in a relationship with her and said I Love You and all that jazz. Ya I know it sounds crazy being given the situation and itoly being a months time. I believed everything she told me, like: she knew I was the one, she fell in love at first sight, wanted to get a place together as soon as we were out of there...and bunch of other stuff.

Well, she got out a couple weeks before I did and things were cool with us. Till one day she texts me that she doesn't think that its right timing for us and that she doesn't feel as strong about the relationship as I do. She said she's to fix things about her and going through a lot right now with everything going on and with neither one of us having a license and living 25 miles away it hard to see each other. Its been a constant daily battle for her to be happy right now and doesn't want to bring anyone else into it. Told me that I am an amazing guy and that I have done nothing wrong. She hopes that she can get her stuff straightened out and that we can can out and try again.

A few weeks later I've gotten talked to her few times, even met with her at a MAD class where she sat there holding my hand and later told me she really hopes we can be friends and try again later. So I've been living these past few months on these hopeful words of hers.

Well its been 3 months now and we have talked from time to time, texting of course. Ya I have told her that I wanna see her and that I miss her and still be friends hanging out and stuff. Pretty much letting her know that I still want her I guess, which is a bad thing. But sometimes I text her and get no response. I hadn't let it bother me, didn't wanna make a big deal of it, until now. I text her last week and she responded and talked for a while about how things were going. I told her only positive this like I got a great new job and apartment stuff like that. Mentioned that her and a friend should come hang out for movie or game night. She said ya that sounds like fun and told me to get a hold of her. Well I text her the next morning to see how she was feeling cause she was sick and we chatted just a little bit. Well later that week I sent her a message asking how she was feeling? No response. Later in the evening I texted her again. No response.

So here's my point I'm trying to get to. I seen her as I was walking out of the probation office the other day and she says Hey Buddy! I just nodded and keep on walking.

Was ignoring her like she does me with th text and kept walk instead of not stopping and talking to her with a smile on my face (like I wanted to) the right decision to make?


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  • Age difference is too big for her to grasp what you are trying to accomplish. Girls at that age only care about going to bars, flirting, getting free drinks and "changing" dirtballs into nice guys only to get bored with them and leave.


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  • shes your ex for a reason if you want nothing to do with her. oh well she'll get over it.


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  • I think you should move on man. I've been in a similar situation over the last 10 months with my first love and she did me super dirty, broke my heart into tiny pieces. She's responding because she probably isn't sure about some other guy but once she becomes sure, you can bet she won't respond to your texts or even think about you. Trust me, I'm going through it now but it's a matter of telling yourself, "If someone don't want anything to do with me, why would I want anything to do with them?" You're better than that man. The faster you move on, the better. It'll save you a lot of heart break.