Do I text him now or wait till tomorrow?

Last weekend I was visiting a friend in college. While there I met this guy Friday night and he asked for my number and then we hung out multiple times Saturday. I left Sunday morning, but he's texted me every single day since I first met him, and we've had pretty long convos over text. But today he never texted me. Should I text him? Or should I wait till tomorrow and if he doesn't text me then I text him?


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  • text him if you want to. It's as simple as that.

    But don't freak out if there's a day he don't text you because he had a life before meeting you and he still have a life today. this doesn't mean that he don't want to see you but maybe that he just want some space and that's not a bad sign at all.

  • Text him good night nothing more, nothing less.

    • but wouldn't that be weird if we haven't talked all day?

      and also he'll be going to sleep a lot later than me...

    • Then wait until tomorrow.

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