What should I expect on the 3rd date?

I'm dating this guy we have a lot of similar interest and we are really close friend. I like him and he likes me. Anyways on our second date a young child asked whether we were gonna make out (we haven't even held hands yet) and we both laughed but it wasn't awkward. So later that night when I got home, around 2 in the morning he texts me that he can't get what the kid said out of his head and we just laughed about through texts and how the kid was so adorable. Any ways this weekend will be our 3rd date ... What should I expect from the 3rd date? I have never been kissed before do I tell him or wing it? And will that knowledge cause him to think more or less of me? And when do you typically become official? by the way we met over the summer and have been talking causally since July and the dates have been occurring in October.


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  • Third dates, typically involve sexual intercourse. That's just a generality though. If you're not ready, don't do it. if he's not cool with you not being ready, then he's obviously not the guy for you


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