Girls if a guy gave you his number, would you text/call it?

I Haven't done this yet because whenever I'm hitting on someone, the connection is always there for me to smoothly ask for her number, but I was wondering if you don't really have the smooth transition and you told a girl hey here's my number I'm not doing anything this weekend so call me if you wanna set something up when you got time, after talking to her for a good 5 minutes is a good alternative. Would girls call/text or would they find it a lack of confidence?


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  • For me, this happens more than guys asking for my number. Usually, I respond by giving them my number as well.

    No, I don't think it's a lack of confidence... who says the guy always has to be the one to contact the girl first anyway? I've seen many relationships fail because of all these silly rules. We should all get over it and just go for what we want :-)


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  • The only reason I can imagine girls, including myself, not responding right away and maybe waiting an extra weekend would be to not come off too eager.

    • lol that's stupid don't do that from now :P If I didn't get a call or text within 2 days Id assume she's not interested and likely have something else planned for the next week

    • kayla can you check out my question and tell me what you think? thanks

    • yea OK to answer your question directly then I'd text/call

  • yep! I see as more confidence :)

    • shiiiiit... nooone is saying no, :P now if I try this and she doesn't call me back IMa just think its cause of me and can't blame it on them

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    • haha that's awesome, I think if a girl made out with my friend cause I was being an a**hole to her Id bow down :P, if she slapped me or threw a drink in my face id burry her with insults

    • haha most guys get pissed and stop acting like idiots that's why it happens

  • ya


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