Do you enjoy the dating scene/game?

I'm kinda fed up of it Because I always feel as though I'm meeting unsuitable guys after another.

I find it hard, bit of a chore and very time consuming? Obv I haven't met the right guy yet hence why I feel like this.

What are your thoughts? How can I start enjoying it?


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  • Seems like your attracting the same type of guys, in the same setting. I suggest you should try out new things and be open minded.

    For me? I've been enjoying it since the day the divorce rates went up. That means more cougars are on the prowl :p, I don't need to approach them, they approach me.

    I go to a bar for a one night stand, I mean that is a premise of going to a bar lol. Nobody goes to a bar and looks for a relationship :/


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  • not really, because I hate having to do the chasing

  • Why you complaining at least you don't have to go and try to initiate conversation and have to worry about rejection. every time I go somewhere I never get ahead or a girls number. the dating scene for woman is a lot easy.

    • Not really if they don't find someone suitable.

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    • Well that's her being picky not having standards so I agree with you there, as long as you click with the person then that's fine :-) . I'm not fussed bout particular jobs, car etc it all doesn't matter only if you get on, and have similar interests. Maybe you're around too many picky girls?

    • nah woman to me watch too much t.v there brainwashing little girls with the real housewives and kardashian whore.

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  • You don't propose for a date..wait and see for a man of your type.He may pop in very soon..Good luck!