What makes you want to text someone you met on a night out the next day?

If you meet someone on a night out (clubbing or bars or whatever) and you exchange numbers, what makes you more likely to want to text them the next day? And what would you expect to get out of texting them?

Like, are you more or less likely to text them the next day if you did or didn't kiss them? How much conversation do you need to have had? If you did kiss or get together, would you only text if you think by doing that it will happen again (not quite booty call, but not romantically involved)

Thanks for any answers :) (don't need to answer all the questions, I got a bit carried away, just wanted to clarify what I meant)


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  • Just chemistry. That's the key. DOesn't matter how much is said or wasn't said. If you have a connection, then he'll get in touch