Did I blow my chances with him?

I've liked this guy for a while, and he asked me out on a date a month ago. It went really well, and we hit it off great! At the end, he wanted to kiss me before saying goodbye, but I didn't let him, just because I didn't feel it was the right time. But we left on a great note and him saying how he can't wait for a second.

Since he showed interest in me by wanting to kiss me and I didn't oblige, I decided I should show my interest in him by asking him on the second date. He immediately said yes, and we had a fun time again, but this was different. We held hands while skating, but when it came to saying goodbye, he didn't seem interested in kissing at all. And the date wasn't as good as the first.

Did I blow my chances with him when I didn't kiss him? Or is this normal for the second date to be a little less? Am I thinking too much about something not important?


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  • He didn't go for a try at a second kiss because you pulled away at the first and he is nervous. When you see him next just look him in the eyes and tell him your ready for that kiss. God you girls put us through hell lol. You pull away from a kiss and then freak out at why he didn't try again. It's all worth it in the though.


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  • No, you didn't blow your chances. Yes, you are thinking too much :)

    If you had ruined it, he would never have agreed to go on another date. You made a solid step by asking him out, but he didn't want to get shot down again by going for another kiss. At this point, you probably need to explicitly say that you want him to kiss you, though, so that he knows where you stand. At the end of the next date, lean in and smile at him and say something like "How about that kiss now?"

  • maybe he thinks you aren't so into him physically