Girls do you agree what these girls are saying?

what these girls say about black men are true link I've never dated a black man before and I do notice these things when I do see them I'm just a little afraid of what my friends think and even my parents what should I do? and from watching this video and from what other girls have said they seem pretty cool to date but I'm just a little worried of how my family and friends will react have any advice for me thanks ;/


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  • Wow those girls are beyond stupid.

    Anyway, everyone has their preferences.

    Advice: Get with what attracts YOU, what YOU like, not what OTHER people approve of.


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  • I can't take this seriously, they seem ditzy.

    • and the video seems like they are mocking black men?

    • yeah they are ditzy and some parts did sem like they were mocking

  • I've only dated one black guy, but Hey ! if you like him nothing should stop you from dating one. Your Family and friends should be happy if you are. No, there not all the same, and not all have big penises but if you like him go for it.

  • They seem pretty cool to date , Is this a joke . I think you need to rephrase that line , Like black men have to be approved to date . I can't even answer the question after that line , You might need to stick with your on race .

    • i know I re rwad it and I shouldn't of said that