So yeah...Again with this guy...

So the guy I mentioned from my first post (works at sister's job, got my number, texted me but never texted back) started texting me again after I texted him first but he keeps doing the thing where he'll abruptly stop texting me out of nowhere.

Well, for the first time since he started texting me, he sent the first message in the string of texts and it was weird because it was about a book company that rents books to students that he had seen advertised on the bus.

The thing is, he's never used their services before so it seems kind of weird to bring up randomly in conversation. He could have texted my sister if he just wanted to pass along the message so I don't understand the need in texting me if there's no interest there.

But heaven forbid he get too different on me, he stopped texting me after a string of like 12 text messages.

I might be reading too much into this but he generally confuses the S#!* out of me so any insight is appreciated.

Thanks guys :)


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  • He probably didn't know what to say to you. Maybe you could had if you wanted steer the conversation on a different topic. Sometimes guys don't know what to say or how to communicate with girls right so they start talking about weird topics to just get a girl interested. He should had been focusing on getting to know you better and maybe he could be shy. Guys also text very weird and randommly so his texting habits sound weird and stuff. Hopefully texts you back with somethine more meaningful to say.


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