Is it wrong for a girl to kiss on the first date?

Hi. I am a 23 year old girl and I like this guy, he has an ex girlfriend that he is still friends with, I've known him for about 8 months, we met last Saturday for a work thing, 3 days ago we started talking and today he came to kiss me and I accepted, and we kissed a lot. Do you think there is still a possibility of me becoming his girlfriend? If so, what do I have to do?


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  • you could still be his girlfriend have to wait and see how he pursues it

    • So you mean I should wait for him to contact me?

    • yes

    • Thanks. :)

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  • There's nothing wrong about kissing on the first date. These days though, it's quite common for guys to make out with girls that they have no intentions of having a relationship with. They just think a girl is hot and want to make out with them. That's the main problem girls face when they make out with a guy they just met.

    Since you've known him for a while, chances are he knows more or less what you're like. I don't know how close the two of you are, but sadly I can't say if he'll want you to be his girlfriend or not. If all he does is meet to make out with you, that's a huge red flag there, because it means he's only interested in making out with you and possibly having sex.

    However, if he calls you to do other stuff, like just to hang out somewhere and have fun, then that means he likes you. If he starts calling or messaging you a lot just to talk, that also means he likes you. If he only EVER calls you so that you can meet up and make out, that's a very clear sign he's not interested in a relationship with you.

    Oh and... as far as what you have to do, you can try messaging him a few times to see how talkative he is with you. If he blows off your messages or doesn't seem like he ever wants to talk with you, he doesn't want anything to do with you. When a guy is interested in a girl, he'll want to talk with her about things and get to know more about her. When all we want to do is make out with someone, we don't want to hear from her until we feel like making out. So you can message him to try figuring out what his intentions are. Just make sure you don't keep bugging him, like sending a bunch of messages when he hasn't even replied. Also keep in mind that he might be busy so don't worry if he doesn't reply right away. :o

    • Hey thanks. :), he asked me what I was doing later, I said sleep and he said he was staying home sleeping too... OK so following your advice next time we go out should actually go out somewhere like have lunch or dinner right?

    • Yeah, or... I dunno, figure out something that you both like doing. The important part is that you two actually have a nice time TALKING, because if you two aren't even capable of talking to each other, can you even imagine being in a relationship with him? If you aren't able to tell him things or if he doesn't seem to want to know anything about you (as in, he never asks you stuff), what sort of boyfriend do you think he'll be? So yeah, take him somewhere where you two can talk and stuff. :p

    • Ok, I'll do that, going to think of a date. :) We did talk actually, but you're absolutly right. :)

  • yes but no

    you see that yes he might have interest but you will need to get close to him AKA be friends with him and watch to see if he is just the kind of guy that likes to kiss a lot of girl or maybe he'll ask you out or you can be more assertive and ask him

    follow your heart if you mess up learn from your mistakes and move on ;)

    • I've messed up a lot that I don't want to mess up this time. I want to do everything right. So yeah I am going to ask him out. But he works all the time he goes to work at 7 A.M and leaves at 9 P.M he works like crazy even on Mondays and sometimes on Sundays and he's 26 pretty young. So its hard, and I am trying to make him conciliate his personal and his professional life. But for real I just think he needs a girlfriend.

  • No


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