How would you feel if your fiance has a dating profile still up from a couple of years ago?

i felt a moment of awkwardness but um asked to get it removed...I'm hoping he does it soon...

i mean I just came across it accidentally


im hoping he will remove it

what are your thoughts? what's the most awkward moment you've had with your partner or spouse? this would have to be the most awkward for me so far. and no, I didn't meet him on a dating site


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  • 1. I'd point it out to her but not have a problem if she want's to retain it or plainly accept it if she says she forgot all about it. I'd certainly not do anything to put her in line of suspicion or degrade her in any way.

    2. I've had no awkward moments except being accused of looking at women who I haven't even noticed lol


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  • I probably wouldn't go looking for it from the start. In the even she was sitting at the computer flirting with guys, then I'd know that she's not marriage material.

  • Is he still using it?


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  • It is awkward but my friend met her hubby on a site and I saw his profile was still there. But it was inactive and I'm sure he is faithful.

    • i Feel the same way. I'm not mad at him, I just never have used a dating site before to find someone to date so I just tried to be as polite as possible