Best way to make my profile stand out when online dating?

Ok I know I am not the best looking guy but I am not ugliest either. I am 35 year old devoted full time single dad with many interests. that ill list on my profile I am looking to meet some one 25 to 30. I say I am looking for some thing long term and would like to marry again and would like to have my childernsome day. when I shoot off a email I never back only thing ill put in it is hi my name is I really liked your profile. am I saying or doing some thing wrong.

i know my spelling and grammar suck so I use word fix it on there then copy and paste

i do read very very well I did not know how to read till I was 16 and then tought to read in 6 months with auto repair books


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  • I think you should emphasize on your loving nature and your kids. You are probably looking for a woman that looks beyond the physical and wants a good, caring partner. So show them that that is what you are. If you email a woman, write about your character and your passions. Be sure to address what she describes as her passions in her profile. Tell them what you know about it or ask them a question about it, show an interest. Give her something to write back about. Questions need answers, if you write to correspond, you musn't write closed off statements.


    Hey, I read your profile and you sound like a really nice person, bla bla bla, just wanted to let you know.

    Horrible, no lead to decent convo.


    Hey, I read your profile and it really spoke to me. I think we have lot in common, I also like to travel, ever been to there and there, it's really nice in the autumn. What's your favorite place to travel to? Any places that are still on your wishlist? It's cool that you are into this and that, honestly I don't know anything about it, I always wondered about it, such and such, how does it work? Bla, bla, bla, I'm looking forward to your reply!

    How could you not respond to that? Okay, she might take one look at your profile and decide that you are not for her, that's her loss. At least you gave a good way in, it is up to her to take it.

    All the best of luck.


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  • Most women on online dating sites only get a few words in each email from guys. Try picking something out of their profile that strikes your interest, like bowling, reading, or horseback riding. Their first impression of you is what you send to them. And most guys on online dating sites just want sex, so try to make the impression that that is NOT what you're looking for.

    Good Luck!

  • Honestly, profile pictures and looks matter a lot

    • i am very honest I don't lie what the point to that as you can I am not the best looking I am over weight and working that I have lost 20 lbs in the past 2 1/2 months but I am not going to wait two years to find some one I have been single since 2007 and I have a lot to offer

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  • Keep it short and simple. Make sure you summarize everything your'e about in nice short sentences. Don't tell your entire life story either.

    A good pic or 2 won't hurt your chances either.

    Main thing is keep it nice, short, to the point, and friendly.