I have trust issues, I want to change

I always have trust issues whenever I like someone. I'm barely going out with my girlfriend for like a month and a half. She's sick and been vomiting so I came over her house with some soup yesterday. We just kiss a little, watch a movie, and cuddle. She suppose to come over today to watch a game but didn't. She come over every Sunday to watch the game. Lately she's been coming over less. I know she has her own life. She had a family dinner then go out with her friend. I still see her in class and I been acting a little distant because I'm kind of mad.

I mean I'm OK with it that she's not coming cause she's sick and wants to stay in bed. Its just how she said it. She told me" I don't feel well, and don't want to drive over someone house then be in bed again." Someone?

She's also a more independent person than I am. She basically stay by herself since she was in her teens. I think I'm missing her more than she miss me because sometime she can go out without asking me.


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  • Why not tell her how you feel about the situation between you two? If you have trust issues, then holding back important information about your feelings will only work to separate you and her more. Try to just let her in your world, you'll get a sense of closeness and acceptance back for it. Worth the try.

  • It sounds like she's just so tired and doesn't want to have to put the effort into getting ready just to go lay down when she could stay home and stay in bed.

    Just wait for her to get better and have a talk.

    Good Luck!


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