Do you think she might be into me?

so I messaged this girl on Fb I don't really know, she was in one of my classes. basically I think she hot without bluntly saying that, and my number. I usually don't do things like this but I kept thinking about her and I haven't seen her around campus since. she never text me or anything but a week or two after I sent the message she sent me a friend request on Fb. I understand not texting me since she doesn't know me and people don't want to just give there number to anyone. I know its just a Fb request but if you were in the situation what would be your reasoning to do this? do you think she might be into me? at least giving me a chance to get to know her? I don't know I'm terrible at reading situations


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  • A friend request on Facebook isn't a sign of being into someone. Maybe just try to get to know her without coming on quite strong (just my opinion about your Facebookmessage). Just talk to her when she's on chat. Just a simple: hey, how are you? how was your day?...

    • ya I understand that a request isn't a sign she's into me but if I sent her the message why would she want to add me as a friend? I mean I really don't know her so its not like id see her again unless I made the effort to see her. I don't know maybe its just me I only add people on fb that I actually know

    • Some people add someone quite quickly on Facebook.

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  • Facebook requests is nothing special at all. Just try talking to her face to face and spend time with her. If you just jump right off the bat " your hot call me now". You scared the daylights out of her! Take it slow And maybe sometime later (a month maybe) start reeling her in slowly.

    • haha I wouldn't shoot myself in the foot by saying you're hot call me now that would be creepy as hell. but I don't have class with her anymore and I don't see her on campus (40,000 students) so the only way I can talk to her is on FB on chat. I just don't know what to say

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    • haha true thanks. its funny how something so simple can be so difficult and overly thought when it comes down to someone you are attracted to

    • Yea I'm going through the same battle as you but in a different situation. But at least you are getting a feedback on your question mines flush down the drain --.-

  • I think that she rememebrs you from your class. just take it as a normal thing, but maybe she wants to get to know you? only one way to find out :) good luck


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