Why can't I seem to be able to date anyone?

I have recently started branching out to talk to guys and have made some guy friends, but it seems kind of impossible to get a boyfriend. I am blond and not overweight, I love to have fun and like to laugh, and I can be a bit random but I don't talk to guys a lot. I've been trying but what is it about me that I can't seem to find anyone to date?


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  • Try not thinking about the downside. It's a good trick. Put any other thought in place of ones like "I can't seem to find anyone to date." Even if you don't get a date thinking that way, you're more likely to be positive and attract other friends, who invariably know some cute guys. Instead of "I'm not getting approached" think "Everybody loves me, okay?" It's my first Dr Phil-esque phrase. Or somehow Napolean Dy-no-mite.


    Works for me just thinking of the fuzzy red guy flipping off Romney for wanting to make him homeless. Ah, Elmo, you glorious little bastard.

    When I'm headed for a public place that I hang out alone, I crank Elmo up in my head until I walk in the door, and practically every time, something good happens. A cute girl talks to me because I'm loose and easy and the girls think they can get somewhere with me.

    Give it a shot. Good luck.

    • Thanks for the BA.

      btw I used it yesterday and talked to four women and they all seemed interested.

      Now I just need to find another acronym for getting a job, and I'll be all set.


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  • You're going through a drought...that happens with all of us. Just keep on testing the waters! :-D

  • I don't know you and there's not enough information to go on.


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