Just ignore her until I actually get a response? I really like this girl.

Back Story:

I have been dating this women who lives in a city I am planning to move to in the near future. She is in her late 30's and her son lives with her, and I am in my early 30's. About a month ago or so I dumped her for some communication issues and some emotional outbursts as well as the interest by her seemed dwindling. She reconnected with me and we recently met for lunch to talk about things while I was in town for an interview. After a 1.5 hour discussion, we seemed to have mad a break through and both wanting to give it another shot.

The issue and question:

On Wednesday of this week I asked her if she wanted to meet me up "next" Saturday. She responded favorably (counter offered this Saturday (3 days away), but I couldn't as I had another date, but she said she would get back to me in few days (said she needed to check and see if ex-husband can watch the kid). She emailed me on Thursday and Friday, but nothing about the date request. She texted me "Hey you" on Saturday, to which I didn't respond until today around 25 hours after as I was on a date for most of the day and it would be rude to the date. I already knew the answer by her not saying anything about this upcoming Saturday. It was the fact that she didn't tell me she couldn't make it.

Here is the text convo:

1. Her on Saturday "Hey you"

2. Me on Sunday" Hey back (her nickname, she likes"”

3. Her " Wow, 24 hour response time"

4. Me on Sunday, "Yeah I know. All your message said was hello. I was busy yesterday. We both have lives"

5. Her" I see"

6. Me " Are you upset with me (girls name)? I am not upset with you.

7. No response to this

So what do I do? Just ignore her until I actually get a response? I really like this girl. But don't want to chase as it is usually counter productive. In our last lunch date, she admitted that she has a hard time communicating when she is upset or bothered.

Any advice would be helpful. Thanks again.


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  • First off, I would not recommend trying again with her. Second, why in the world would she be mad at you? (if she was, why do you care?) And why would you ask such a silly question? What you should have said is, Hey, I saw I missed your text yesterday...what's up?

    My advice would be to delete her number. This girl is all over the place. She can't seem to carry on a conversation via text. She complains about a 24 hr response time, yet while in the middle of a conversation in which she was asked a direct question (which happened to be a stupid one) she didn't respond? She's a time waster. Find a girl where things are easy...the conversations flow, and the communication is effortless...a girl who never leaves you going WTF?

    • Thanks, appreciate a guys point of view.

    • You're welcome. Thank you for the best answer vote. Good luck to you.

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  • Hm, you wanna give things another try with her, you really like her, but you're going on other dates? Maybe it's just me but I wouldn't like that if I were her.

    Anyway. Just text her to know if the date is still on and if not, when you can reschedule? See what she says and if she seems upset.

    • We both know due to the distance that we are seeing other people now and then. Due to the distance, she has been unwilling to be exclusive unless I actually live there.

  • you sounded cold in your responses. and 24 hrs is a long response time for a 2 second TEXT, seriously. I would be annoyed if I were her too. if you like her enough, you need to make it up to her

    • Even if in the previous 24 she only came up with "Hey you" ? I think it doesn't show much effort on her part.

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