The Ultimate Survey. What do women prefer? Cast your ballots NOW!

Yes. I put it up in SAT/ACT format. Choose so humanity will know its destiny. Don't lie either.

  • Your typical nervous, twitchy, shy, unapproachable male. Nerdy. Cowardly. Frequent masturbator.
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  • A more approachable male, greets and capable of abstract conversation, hinder by fear of rejection
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  • Approachable, confident male but will not always make the first move. Likes to bounce the ball to you (even if the hoop is at kid heigth)
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  • Overly cocky male, into himself but takes you out and tries to sweeten you up for some action (definition of action to you remains to be seen)
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  • Total asshole/jerk combo, slaps other girl's butts, checks out other girls, doesn't txt back but takes you out to dinner. His mind is already on another girl
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For clarification, C will come to you and is more likely to ask you out, but only if you dribble correctly.B, will not, likely suffers from stage fright in the bathroom. Take either however you may, its simply to help answer. A = Shy to E = Jerk
Gauge A = Shyest/Anti-Jerk and spin it 180 degrees to E = Definition of Ass/What's there to be shy about? The commenting was for a colorful balance.
Obviously some guys think they're women.
So interesting enough the results went in a direction I didn't expect...
Now wait a minute. This is more of a "what you want" but what the female population actually does is go for the Ds and Es.
No but a large portion of you on here complain about assholes/jerks so go figure. Not too much of the "best boyfriend eva" repertoire.
But you wouldn't stay with them if they were whiners or pleased your every want and need.
well then you'd all be going for them :)
I'm still convinced you girls would trade the sweet innocent boy from next door for some bad ass.


Most Helpful Girl

  • It was a toughie between B and C since from the outside they seem the same - like your average nice and decent guy, though obviously B has that fear of rejection while C doesn't. So I picked C.

    and lol, I don't know why any girl would pick A or E; maybe you just put it there for kicks.


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What Girls Said 4

  • about your newest update: how do you know that most of the female population go for guys who are cocky and/or asshole/jerks? did you conduct a survey for that and get those results?

    I think that it's a myth that that's what girls want and go for; maybe that's what many of them end up with but only because they were deceived into thinking that the guy's actually a good guy. trust these survey results.

    • ...we complain about these bad guys because we at first thought that they were good guys, and we wouldn't be complaining about them if we liked and wanted them.

    • ...and why are you now mentioning those who are whiners or people-pleasers as if those are the good guys that we picked?

  • C, simply because I want to be asked out; I don't want to be left guessing by B.

  • based upon your update I def still pick C, but what do you mean "dribble correctly?" what are we girls supposed to do to get him to ask us out or at least communicate more?

    • Wink, smile, say "Hi", open your mouth in horror, eye contact... etc... ego stroking is good too...

    • Wink? open my mouth in horror? no thank you, but smiling, saying hi, and eye contact I'm trying more often...though it doesn't always work cause either the guy's still too shy or just isn't that into me.

  • A) Would be completely unattractive to me.

    B) He would be OK. I would prefer him to approach me as I am shy but things could happen with this one if he made the first move. I would probably assume he wasn't interested in me.

    C) This is the best choice because he's confident but not cocky and gives you signs that he's into you.

    D) I would go out with him and talk to him, but I'm not into guys who are too into themselves.

    E) He wouldn't have a chance, I hate guys like this.


What Guys Said 1

  • $#!t! No girl likes E? Guess I better change my ways then...

    • Ya you better!

    • @ cheerangelcharity: Lol I'm just messin' around...

      - "Obviously some guys think they're women."

      From the immortal words of Heath Ledger's Joker, "Why so serious...?"

    • Regarding the immortal words. Youtube Jack Nicholson's response to Heath's portrayal of the joker and that's my response.