I completely screwed up and was too bold. What do I do to fix it?!

I really like this guy, and I have a couple classes with him so I've had to interact with him a couple times, so one day I decided "Hey, I'm going to message him and start a text-relationship!" So, being stupid, I sent him a sorta flirty message ending with my number, in hopes that he'd call or text me. Not even close. It showed on the message that he read it, but he didn't say anything in reply and he didn't text me or anything. About a week later, I got sick of waiting around and sent him another message apologizing for if I'd weirded him out and said I'd only been trying to be friendly. Again, it showed that he read it MINUTES later, and he didn't reply. What do I do to make it right and maybe even get to being friends with him?


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  • talk to him in person - may be he is not as good at starting text-relationship; don't wait for him to make a move, if you like him - make your move.

    • I'd love to, only problem is that he kinda of ignores me... I mean, he'll stare at me all the time but if I walk past him he doesn't even glance at me. Is this shyness or just not liking me? Thanks for your advice by the way! :)

    • Shyness. or else he wouldn't stare at you.

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  • The art of being a girl can be tricky. The whole text message thing can be sweet but, I wouldn't do it. If you want a guy to get interested in you..the key is REAL communication. Talk to him in person..engage in conversation, and see if you actually like the person before you EVEN start flirting and messaging your number. Another piece of advise. as a female..NEVER and I do mean neverrrr chase after a guy. it looks bad..you should allow the guy to gravitate towards you..and if you approve of said guy..all you have to do is be sweet, be yourself and talk. If he wants you, he'll go for you:) trust me...

    • I dissagree. I don't think there is anything wrong with chasing a guy. It shows confidence. And if there is something you want, go for it.

    • Thanks for the advice! :) and I know, chasing can look bad, I just figured I'd give it a shot since I've never really been one to take chances in the romance department, but I'll use how stupid I feel now for future reference! haha, thanks again :)

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