Would you rather have a guy/girl with a nice face or body?

Personality isn't involved in this one. I always go for a nice face, rather than a nice body. Don't get me wrong, seeing a guy with a nice body is hot, but if I don't like his face I can't date him. I actually date who has a stomach, with a cute face than a jacked up guy with an ugly face.

So guys and girls: face or body? Be honest!

Also why?


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  • Face cause that's what I'll be looking at the most. Unless I can paper bag it, then I'll consider going with the butterface.


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  • Definitely the face. That's typically what I'm initially most attracted to in a guy physically: eyes, smile, complexion, nose, hair, etcetcetc.

    My body isn't perfect, so I can't expect his body to be perfect, either. A man not having a perfect 10 body is not a deal breaker.

  • I would have to say nice face.

  • Body and face. I work out, have a great body my type is a muscular/athletic if body average-turn off, if face average-turn off

  • both... I'll be looking at the face, so that's important. But then again, pudgy body = bleh, I find it kind of gross. A six-pack and muscles just seems so much more manly to me. And if he's chubby now, what will he be in 20 years - a sumo wrester? Scrawny guys are almost as bad.

    • True! I'm a fitness nut, but a fat/chubby guys can always get there

      A ugly cant

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    • Yes! Oh gosh. I just wouldn't be able to do it. I'm not into model looking guys (even most are gay). I rather date an cute average looking guy, who has a good aura. Lol

      That good aura makes him look gorgeous to me

    • good aura :) yup

      Why can't I find a model-looking guy who's straight, yet is really nice and normal? Yeah, because they don't exist... :( So like you said, I'd go for the cute average-looking guys.

      Anyways, talking about model-looking guys, google Alexander Ludwig *drools*

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