I shouldn't be anxious about this, but I'm anxious. Why isn't he texting me?

Me and a guy I had class with a few years back were catching up on Facebook. It was the first time we'd talked normally in a LONG time. Turns out we had some things in common so I gave him my number, he gave me his and he texted me a couple days later. We were texting pretty much all day (or at least when we could) during this time up until about 2 days ago. I haven't heard from him in 2 days and I was the last person to send a text.

He was saying things like he didn't want to go to sleep (after being super tired) because then he wouldn't be able to text me. And saying he wanted to see me soon (Yet he's not trying to make plans with me which I noticed, and am throwing out there as a second question.)

So what's his deal? I liked him initially when we had class together all those years ago but I was his second choice then. Oh god, I'm still his second choice huh?

Originally my question was is his "disappearance" some kind of game he's playing? But really I'd just like help figuring out his behavior overall!

I think so. I mean if a guy is interested they don't say "I do wanna see you soon though." It's like OKAY MAKE THE PLANS THEN. I just don't get why I'm his second choice you know? I'm attractive, he's not "out of my league." and I'm talented at a lot of stuff. Funny, smart... just a tad full of myself. I mean why would I be anyone' second choice?! (Please dear god hear the sarcasm in that.)
I did invite him places but in a casual manner with no date or time. I was surprised when he was saying stuff like "I wouldn't be able to text you" because I haven't seen this kid in YEARS. I thought we were just going to start a friendship and go from there. Maybe he's just playing me for attention then. Sigh.


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  • Don't sweat it too much. Lay off the texting for a while (since he is too, anyways), maybe a week or two. Then casually start texting and talking to him and if its still the same case then and still tries to avoid hanging out, just forget about him because he probably did too (& definitely screams "second choice" at that point). And even if he was interested in you, he's not interested enough to the point where he wants to go out of his way and hang out with you. Not worth your time.

    • Yeah...he started texting me later at night, and then forwarded me a boob limerick "just because it made him laugh." I didn't respond. Ugh...

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  • Maybe he just avoids texting since he doesn't want to come out as desperate or clingy? Does he purposefully and go out of his way to avoid making any plans with you?

    Sorry to break it to you, but if you were his second choice then, there is a high probability you're still his "second choice".


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