He canceled our second date but used weird wording

The first one was suppose to be tonight, but we were texting and decided to go out last night. As I got into my car she said see you tomorrow at 4:30(I'm off at 4)

Today we text all day and I asked if we were still going to the park.

He replied with I'm feeling a bit tired I just don't have any motivation to go out.

I didn't know what to say so I said "burn"

And he replied with"I don't mean it personally"

So by that did he mean he's not into dating me again and I shouldn't feel bad or I shouldn't take it as a reflection on our previous date, he's just having an off day?


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  • I think you should take it easy. What he meant was there's nothing personal against you. What it means is that he's super lazy. When guys do these kinds of things, peer pressure them. Remind him that this is the 2nd time he's cancelled plans, and give him a hard time by calling him lazy or something.

    • Oh yeah I'm not the kind to really put pressure if he doesn't want to come out then guilting him might piss him off. Also I'm trying to take it slow in general with him he's a good friends brother so I need to make sure we are into each other before sh*t goes down. Because I want it to be good if it ends so I don't make it weird with my friend

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    • Ok, cool.

      I don't speak guy. I'm really honest as a person so I don't use code. I figured it meant I'm feeling lazy but then second guessed and thought it might be a blow off

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  • Maybe he was just tired and stayed up the night before.


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  • I think if he were really into you he would have bucked up and kept the date, but then again maybe he was just worn out. See if he would like to meet up again and if he bails then just forget about him.

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