Do I just need to forget him?

I really like this man - have for a long time. We started talking again this summer and he told me that he knew I didn't think he was interested. That I thought he was distant. He said that he really is very interested but that he just moves really slow and asked me to be patient. We used to talk more often. He is in school full time and works full time. Been very up front. I've text him for a week with no answer back. (when I say text it has been one time a day and simply hi

/how was your day)

I am an over thinker and a situation arose in which I over reacted. afterward I realized my mistake and apologized. He says he has forgotten almost as soon as it happened but now when I see him he really is distant. No hugs, barely a smile but I still catch him watching me when he thinks I am not looking.

Did I screw up too badly to fix? If not, how do I fix it?


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  • Sometimes its very hard to stay away from someone you really like even when they tell you and you see how busy they are. Don't blame yourself :). You didn't do anything wrong,we all over react sometimes. But if he is interested like he told you he was then he should be able to look past that misunderstanding. :)


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