Why is he playing games like this?! Ex texted me then went AWOL

5 weeks after break up, 2.5 weeks of complete NC after seeing each other at the bar and out of the blue he texted me Wednesday. After casual conversation about Halloween and work he drops "I wish I could see you more often". apologizes for fading away before, been thinking about me, didn't know what he wanted before, didn't think he could do the distance (45 min), etc. I was doubtful but listened to what he said, told him not to hurt me again. He said he didn't want either of us to get hurt. Last message from me was if he was serious he can take me out and we can go from there.

After a casual convo the next day (that I started) he has not contacted me. I know he's been out and about because he's been tweeting.

I'm getting played, I see that and am trying to not let it bug me and trying so hard to not text him and ask why. So I come on here and hopefully someone can answer. WHY?! Why would he say that stuff then disappear again?


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  • Just ignore him. DOn't give him this power over you.