Boyfriend is texting my friend?

Today my boyfriends phone got a text message when I was with him, I picked it up and gave it to him because I was closer. I looked at it and saw it was a text from my friend; one day last week the same thing happened but I just glanced at the phone and wasn't sure if it was really her name.. I've only introduced him to her one time and I haven't talked to her in weeks so I thought it was weird. With his permission, I texted her back and she asked him if he was working today (he works at a gym. I told her yes but later. She said shoot, well, I could just stay later). I'm kind of upset about this just because they never said anything to me... Should I be?

Just thought I'd update. They started dating around the time I posted this. (Behind my back of course). He didn't break up with me until a good month after that, I found out a week after we broke up. Good to know for next time.


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  • You need to confront one of them and find out if something is going on.

    If you do nothing but sit around and wonder about it, it's going to start eating at you and you'll start getting suspicious at every other thing that he does.

    It's hard to say for sure what is going on but from what you've described it does sort of seem like something is going on between them. Whether it's just a friendship that hit it off real well or something more, who knows. If it were just a friendship though, you'd think one of them would have talked to you already about it though.

    Hopefully nothing serious is going on here. But if there is, it will at least be better to find out about it sooner rather than later...


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  • This CAN be cause for concern...if your gut says that something isn't right, casually ask your friend or your boyfriend about what they are texting each other about.

    Their reaction will give you all the info you need to make a hypothesis about what they're doing.


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  • ...something may be going one.

    I would have big doubts at least if I were you. Why does she want to see him at the gym? Why is she texting your boyfriend?

    Unless they were friends before or they're planning up a surprise for your birthday, they shouldn't be much communicating. I mean, I text my bf's friends sometimes to take news or ask stuff but unless I have a perfect reason (like planning a surprise for my bf's birthday or something else super legit) I wouldn't stay at a place just to wait for them...

    I just think it's weird in this situation. Did you ask your friend in face-to-face about it?

    • Well, my birthday is in July so it's not that... haha. I don't know.. She works out at that gym, but I don't know why she wants to see him. They didn't know each other before me. I haven't seen my friend in over a month and haven't communicated with her at all in weeks.

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    • I asked him why he was texting her and he said "I'm not! And she wanted to get to know me to see if I was good for you"

    • Uh ok.. it's interesting from a friend that you haven't seen in that long...

      I definitely think you should check it out.

      This girl may be interested in your boyfriend.

  • i would be.i would inquire about why they need to text each other and why does she need to know when he works anyways?that is weird but not necesarily something you need to worry too much about unless he mysteriously stops answering your texts or calls...

  • ...sorry to hear that. It's OK, you deserve better and it's his loss!

  • Don't take any bullsh*t from a guy like that.i learned the hard way from my ex husband.