Went on a date with a girl, but she thought she was so much better than me

Not what I expected at all. I suppose we've been friends for a couple years but this was the first time we did anything one-on-one. In the beginning she talked about how good she looked (she looks good, but not THAT good), the different compliments guys had been giving her about her eyes and face and smile. And then later on she was talking about guys who were hitting on her and who she's been hanging out with and those who wanted to hang out with her.

And then at the end, she talked about her ex. And the whole time I got the vibe from her that she felt she was doing me a favor by being out with me, like she was gracing me with her presence or something.

Can my instincts be that off? I mean, I got way turned off by her. Like I lost a lot of interest.


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  • Nope your instincts are crucial to find out what you're dealing with.

    This girl had a high ego. Due to the amount of guys pursuing her, kisssing her butt, and buying her things. She's been put on the pedestal.

    If I were in your situation, a couple things would have happen, based on circumstances:

    1) I would have acted aloof and checked out other girls. Then I would have used her as a wing woman to potentially get a different one.

    2) I would have walked out on her and spared my time if nothing good was gonna happen

    3) I would have had her buy me drinks or dinner. Hey, if she's gonna run her mouth like that, she can at least buy me something to make me feel like my time isn't being wasted

    4) Tease her, neg her, and bring her attitude back down to earth.

    5) Changed the subject over to what I want to talk about. Not what she has to say.

    This girl may have been putting this show on because, deep down inside, she's insecure with herself.

    • I did #3 kind of. I let her pay for snacks that we were having. After that show, I wasn't about to contribute more money.

      I did 4 since that's how most of our relationship has been. But it seemed to have no effect on her and I was kind of thrown off guard by the way she was acting.

      5. I did that as soon as she brought up her ex.

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  • You got turned off for good reason.

    She either has an ego so big, that it's something you really don't want to be involved with, and she will constantly be putting you down.

    Or, she's incredibly insecure and making up for it by acting like she has this kind of ego.

  • lol damn that is a disaster...she really is an example of what not to act like on a date.

    Trust your instincts...it sounds like you're dead on.

  • Wow...that sounds like a how to on what NOT to do on a date. Forget about this girl and find someone better.


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  • She probably did it on purpose... Didn't want to date you, but didn't want to be mean to someone she knew for 2 years. You go out, she puts on a show, you lose interest, she gets a free meal. Ta da! Problem solved for her...

    • wow, so according to her, what she did is less mean than just saying no (which she had plenty of opportunity to do so). wow.

    • lol, girls are weird, but they do things like this... Not saying that's what she did, but it;s a real possibility.

    • and the twist to all of this is I thought I was responding to the signals she was giving off on her own (acting way more flirty and touchy towards me than usual, especially if I denied her attention, saying how she would miss me if I wasn't around, "fixing" me up, etc...all this from someone I talked on and off to for last couple years and hadn't talked to for five months). So it's not like she was doing me a favor by going out with me.

  • No doubt your instincts are off. Sounds like she is stuck up and obviously delusional. You can either put her in her place or just drop her. I just wouldn't waste my time and cut contact or any interest.

  • She does not have self respect or manors. She sounds like a lot of women I know. Good luck.

    • yeah, I felt that since I invited her out, the least she could do was get to know me. Nope, apparently not.