Known a guy a month & now I'm pregnant.

I met a guy a month prior to becoming pregnant. I am now 6 weeks and we have been "dating." He is aware I'm pregnant and has been very supportive. We are planning on moving in together in a few months, but have agreed to not get married. I was infatuated with him prior to my knowledge of being pregnant (I've known 2 weeks). However, now I find myself to be more reserved with my emotions. I do feel strongly for him, especially seeing as he is the father of my child now. But, it feels strange to be in this weird limbo; dating the father of your child that you are not in love with - yet. Advice?

We were casually dating for a month prior to me becoming pregnant. Since finding out, we have become more serious about our relationship, however my I find myself more reserved in my emotions for him. We are moving in together in order to raise our child together, but will not be getting married like many have suggested we do. I do not feel it is worthwhile to get married solely on the fact that I am pregnant.

Synopsis: dating for a month, then became pregnant.

Also, I'm not asking for advice on abortions or if you think we are rushing. We are being responsible for our child. I'm asking for advice on the actual dating aspect; seeing as it is complicated & difficult to properly get to know someone when the main focus is on the best interest of the child.
Oh, & actually being pregnant 6 weeks means the baby is 4 weeks post conception. Google it.

Also, for those of you confused about the time span: we've been together for about 2.5 months now.


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  • I don't get it. Is he the father? Were you dating when you had sex? Or were you just casually f***ing and it got you pregnant and this new guy is now in? And father of your child now? Such confusing terminology. And if you weren't in love or sure of it then shouldn't have moved in together so quickly. Never good to rush things. It sounds like you rush things.

    • I imagine they're moving in together for the sake of their child.

      Give her a mature response or leave her alone. At what point does it sound like she's rushing anything? Obviously they weren't expecting this and now it's something they're dealing with together. If anything she sounds almost patient.

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    • my*

    • Doesn't mean the child is in you at all yet or even developing. With out that sperm inside you, nothing comes of it. It takes two to make a child. A child's life doesn't start before conception. Otherwise you women are accountable for MANY murders in your life when you have your periods and expel the eggs.

      And I still only find that 2 weeks prior to conception thing being in Arizona and nowhere else :\

      Anyways, we're getting off topic, what specifically are you asking?

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  • Great updates by d way. I pray to god to chanhe you both people 's mind to marry. wht else I may say.

  • no idea.what's going on by the way you both. wht it means "have agreed to not get married" ?

    y ? you people are like husband and wife now.

    • ***********between

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