Does this make me a hussy?

*He's got a girlfriend and a kid

*He doesn't have anything to do with them but lives with them

*He texts me all the time

*We hang out alot

*We cuddle

*He called me beautiful

*last time we hung out before I left I'm pretty sure he hugged me to him and kissed me head.

*His friends whispered to me that he thinks that this guy really likes me.

*But the thing is, this guy talks about always messy around with girls. He knows I'm a virgin.

*He sennt me a text last night that said "Youre really cool and I like being around you"

*He got pissed when I wore my best friends hate (Hes a guy)

In conclusion...i think I like this guy...and does me hanging around with this guy and just cuddling with him and holding his hand make me a hussy since he's got a girlfriend and a kid?


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  • No, it doesn't make you a hussy, it makes him an a**hole though. Someone you don't need because I doubt he'll leave his girlfriend and kid for you.

    • Quick question. This guy is an a**hole. Yes. I don't think this girl is a hussy either, but what exactly does that make her if she already had prior knowledge that he was involved with someone, and still willingly engaged in MUTUALLY consented physical contact? While it doesn't make her a hussy (she didn't sleep with him), it does NOT make her unaccountable.

    • It's not a good idea and she would be a bit of a b*tch if she made him leave his girlfriend and kid.

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What Guys Said 2

  • No, but I gather he's oler than you, and has no long term plans with you, and you are likely just going to be a fling for him; you will wind up resentful and hurt. Listen to your friends!

  • Yeah. It sounds like you two deserve each other too. Also, he's probably not going to leave his girlfriend for you. They usually don't.


What Girls Said 2

  • Yes that is not cool and he sounds like a loser. Don't believe what he says cause guys like this are excellent liars and manipulators. He's just trying to sleep w you and get some on the side. He has a girlfriend and a kid and lives w them but doesn't have anything to do w them? More then likely that isn't even true but if it is then whatta total d-bag! Wow you must have real low self esteem to be taken in by this one. Have fun getting your heart broken.

  • No but you should keep it moving. This guy is already involved with someone else and it doesn't matter if he seems as though he has nothing to do with them. You don't want to get tangled up in all that drama when the girlfriend finds out. Open your eyes, if that's how he treats his current girlfriend(by messing with our girls on the side), that is how he will eventually treat you once he gets what he wants. Persona non grata that mofo!

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