Is this just a sign of endearment, or something more?

So I have a male best friend and recently he has started kissing me on the cheek goodbye or whenever we play fight (which is a lot). Or he kisses me on the forehead when he drops me off at my house. Is this just a sign of endearment, or something more?


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  • Such situations must be dealt with on a case to case / individual to individual basis.

    It rarely happens that a male and female bonding together remains devoid of physical or even intimate contact after a point of time unless one of them is very strict about it.

    His actions could mean plain endearment or that he wants to go further cause he's not only attached to you but also attracted to you.

    It's also unwise to say this is a pure 'friends with benefits' situation (from his side, should things progress beyond what it is now). It generally happens even unwittingly that one of them begins to either fall in love or merely be attracted to the other in such cases where they'd want to be friends but not have a relationship while being intimate too.

    Whichever way it's wrong to judge him today or immediately. Wait around and see how things unfold. If you are uncomfortable with these kisses etc, tell him today and now. Then you will begin seeing things faster :)

  • i do it to my home girls all the time and it doesn't mean a damn thing lol you'll just have to wait and see how it plays out, sorry I wish I could give you the answer your looking for but this is the safest path you can take


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