Confused! Date him or not?

This guy who I had met few years ago is still interested in me. I am also interested in him, but don't find it right to date him because he is currently dating someone (they are not in a relationship, they are just dating). He said it to my friend he isn't sure about her. Don't know what that meant, but I still don't find it right to date him because I don't want to be hurt. From 3 of us one of us will get hurt. Please advice!


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  • wait! just wait! let it play out and if he stops going out with the other girl then let yourself be known! don't let anyone know your waiting because then plans will be made and it gets crazy from there. don't be food because someone wants you to move quicker. relax, breath, and just wait it out! rushing causes f*** ups and f*** ups are something we all avoid! I hope this helps!

    • Thanks. So the best response to him would be that as you are already dating someone, lets just be friends?

    • dont even give him a response, just wait it out

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  • I personally never trust guys if there is another girl in the picture. I want the guy to want ME and ONLY me. Who is to say that even if he chooses you, that he won't repeat the same behavior in the future and then pick that girl over you. Indecisiveness = bad news.