Why won't he tell me when he hangs out with his friends?

I have been seeing this great guy for about 3 years now....he happens to be very popular and well, I'm not....i don't really care, we are just a little different when it comes to social situations...

its usually just me and him when he hang out....i hang out with my friends a lot less than he hangs out with his....b/c he just has more than me....we were at his friends house the other Sunday and I overhear then talking about "the other day" and "remember that"...and he was over there the past couple of days....

well when I talked to him he was home or he was sleeping...why wouldn't he just tell me instead of me finding out from their conversation? it makes me think if he doesn't tell me when he hangs out with friends, then what else isn't he telling me?


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  • I'm just trying to figure out why you think he should always have to tell you what he's doing. It's not like you're married, and even with you were. Do you really expect him to report to you on everything he does like that?

    • Well if I ask what he did all day he would say nothing. Why would he say he didn't do anything if he hung out with friends?

    • Probably not much, I think I'd say the same thing because that's basically what you do when you hang out with friends. All he did was hang out for a few hours, though it is kind of hard to explain.

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  • I never tell my boyfriend until he asks. He gets mad and shit, maybe he's afraid that you'll be upset or give him a hard time. That shit sucks.