Is he interested in me?

I've been texting this guy for a few weeks, we spoke at least every couple of days and were getting on pretty well.

I met him at a party over the weekend. He'd offered me a lift to it and had said he was looking forward to seeing me there etc

While we were there he brought me a drink and his mates told me he was really interested and had been talkiing about me a lot for the past couple weeks. At the end of the night we kissed and he said to text him the next day and that he'd see me soon.

We texted a few times the day after, but it's been 3 days since then and I've had no reply to the Facebook message I sent or the text.

His mate text me saying the he was still interested, so why haven't I heard back? Is he playing hard to get, just shy about it or not interested at all?

Should I send him another message? and if so what should I say? Pleaseeeee help!


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  • Yes he's interested in you. He might have some problems at home or anything like no internet.Just wait a few more days and call/ask him what's up.

    Text him and say "hey what's up why didn't you answer my message please call me"

    • awww okay thank you! :) I know he's seen my messages, just don't know why he's not replied!

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