I don't know why my boyfriend dumped me?

Okay so I am really into this guy are we were dating and then after his spring break in vancouver he just dumped me and I don't know why?


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  • he might have found someone else. you just have to look at your situation and see if there may have been something you said or did that may have turned him off or maybe he just got super-busy. point is ---you don't know---and also, he's stopped talking to you...just move on.

    were you two communicating during the spring break? if not, that may have been a clue that he was talking/ hanging out with some other chick.

    i hate it when guys do that, but w/e you do, don't phone him up. because guys will think you miss you if you do that obviously.


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  • It's possible that he decided that he would rather be single... stuff happens over spring break. You have two options, forget about it cause if he didn't even bother to tell you why he was bailing then he's obviously not worth it, or just ask him.

    • Well I don't wana ask him.

      I can't forget about him.

      Like Breeze sayd and made up a ryme that totaly desribes how I feel,

      Its funny how he broke my heart and I still Love him with all the little pieces.

  • Ask him, and tell him to be clear. That's all I can tell you right now. Ask him to his face, too, if you can.