Do you think he's interested or am I wasting my time?

So I went out last Saturday and I was sitting at the bar and this guy came over and started talking to me. He seemed really nice but he said his phone was dead and gave me his number instead. So I texted him on Sunday and we were texting all day. Then yesterday and today. I casually mentioned today how we should get together again and all he said was "yeah that could be fun. Where do you like to go?" Idk, I usually date guys who are more old fashioned so I don't know if he's just more laidback or just not that interested?


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  • He texted you all day for 3 days, he just came up to you started talking and gave you his number, asked whereYOU like to go.

    Is he interested?

    I wonder

    • Okay fine. Fair enough. I.see how it comes across. I'm just used to guys who are more aggressive and will actually ask me out, take me somewhere, etc.

    • Some guys want to be sure the girl actually likes them and that they aren't going on a "pity"date

    • You'll never know unless you actually go out with him. If it "sparkles" at the date, then you're not wasting your time.

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