When you forget something at his place?

like jewelry or something did he tell you that you forgot it ?

or did you tell him?

did he tell you to come get it ? if it didn't work out between you two, or did you just leave it behind .. ?

i forgot a necklace at the guy I'm datings place, and when I told him I forgot he said hehe ye I saw it, its here, and since that day he hasn't talked to me a lot..i mean he did say he is busy with school work, but for 2 days he has been online on Facebook and hasn't written me anything,

I'm afraid he doesn't want to talk to me anymore and I don't want to be naggy and write him in case he is busy...

and I forgot my necklace there..its white gold with diamonds so yes I would like it back..


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  • You need to initiate contact with him, whether you do it by bringing up your necklace or by discussing something else. If it was me, I would probably say hi and ask how he is, maybe ask if he is interested in getting together soon, and then remind him about the necklace and ask if I could come get it (or if we go to the same school or something, if he can bring it and meet me).

    Nagging can be bothersome, but that doesn't mean you have to wait for him to talk first no matter how long it takes. It's already been a couple of days, you can certainly initiate contact with him now without it seeming like you're nagging.