Having strong feelings for this guy makes me cry? is that strange?

there is this guy I like, we have a history but it's complicated. anyway we still had been in touch had not seen each other for a while. I just saw him again the other day for the first time in a few months.

and I was so happy. we are probably going to see each other again. we spent a few hours together talking, we kissed a lot and cuddled and stuff. and he texted me right after.

but..it's complicated, I don't think we are going to end up together. I like him SO much. in fact, when I think about how much I like him, I start crying.

partly because things are complicated. but my emotions scare me, that's why I walked away from him before. I think he likes me too, but I think mine are stronger. I never liked anyone so much that it made me cry.

and it isn't just lust. I like him a lot. I look up to him. I think he is smart, funny, fun to be around, wise, I also feel like he can understand me emotionally (he's more mature, a little older than me) and I really feel a strong connection to him in so many ways.

he isn't gorgeous, of course to me he is attractive but he isn't one of those "girls like him because he's HOTT" types and some of my friends think he's mediocre but I'm so crazy about him, that's also how I know it's real.

ack. I am an emotional person in general..but why am I so over the edge? it's like my feelings are so strong that my heart is broken.


i woke up in the middle of the night crying..because of him.


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  • Thing seem a little intense for you emotionally, I'd advise you to back off for a bit so you can logic seep through as well as emotion.

    Also if you don't love yourself, don't expect anyone to love you xo