A question about interracial dating

do black women hate interracial dating because non black men don't want us? why do white women like black men more than white men like black women? are race relations really changing..if so why are black women being left out?


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  • I've dated black girls in the past. I don't think it's because of race that you're finding problems. I think it might be just you.

    None of the relationships I had with black girls worked out, because they were all so hung up on race as a day to day issue. They could never just put it to one side and live their lives and have fun. Everything from what to wear in the day, to where to eat in the evening, was a great big race relations problem.

    I have no wish to relive the Civil Rights era on every date I go on.

    • then why didn't you just ask them to stop talking about race all the time intead of breaking up with them. and no its not me with the problem

    • I did. What makes you think I didn't?

      They didn't stop. It just seemed impossible for them.

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  • Im very open to dating black girls

    • you are in eruope you don't count

  • The issue of black women finding relationships is not a new one. I am not really sure if there is an easy answer, but yes, interracial couples are becoming more commonplace. You might want to look for some research on the subject.

    Have you been trying to meet more people?

    • yes and its not working. white men only like white,asian,latin girls.

      there aren't many black men where I live

    • Go to the UK. That's one of the reasons I'm going. People in general are more accepting of each other as opposed to "tolerant" like here in the U.S.

    • I'm sure moving to the UK is not going to be the only thing you could do to find a guy. Though travelling in general does certainly help.

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  • I have to move to Europe too, but I am changing my skin color, glow2thione, nose shape, noseright, hair, sedu ionic flat iron, and weight, xenadrine..to experiment and see if it is my physical traist that are holding me back. :( I am a nice black girl lol

    This will be fun because I am really getting paid

    • I mean trait, can you chat with me, I find myself to be great and kind, plus I am a shy virgin but this is a bit of a scare I must say, I like G-Daz's answer, but again he is in Europe. I will experiment before I leave, I have to write some novels first, then I can leave and never return to the land that hates us.

    • why do you have to do that :(,you think that would really make you happy in the end? what if the guy really loves black girls and their features liike I do

    • lil your in the Preston, Uk men love us not to death but they can appreciate our look, yeah it will make me hapy , women want love and men see certain beauty, so yeajh goodbye features, no one likes us here lol ...I love openminded virgin European Men :P Deal Daz