How to bring up the " Are we in a relationship" question - guys feedback would be very much appreciated :)

How do we become official?we have been casually dating for about 3 months we don't live in the same city however we will be in a few months and we visit every couple weeks or so, when together we go on dates (movies, meals, walks etc.) I stay with him however we are taking it slow because we have been friends for quite some time so no we aren't having sex yet. He is very affectionate in public (holding me, kissing me etc.) last time I was there I met and hung out with his siblings who he close with, I just don't know how to bring up that I want to be his girlfriend!?

On a side note: I also only text him once or twice a week out of fear of being "clingy" but I'd like to talk to him more as we've become close, where is the line drawn? How often is to often to text?


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  • A good relationship relies on not being afraid what you might do. Texting, talking, doing things should be the least of your worries. If you want to talk to him? Talk. If you want to love him? Love. Whatever you feel like? Do it.

    Being in a relationship is just a title. By what I read, I'm pretty damn sure you're already in a relational, but you need confirmation given that your not exactly confident about this relationship.

    If you must insist on his confirmation whether you two are in a relationship, just ask him and he will give you a direct answer. Wasn't that what you wanted?


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  • Text as much as you want; see how he responds. Make suggestions for things you could do together, and remind him about your 3 month anniversary, your birthday, his birthday...Subtly remind him that you are ALREADY in a relationship, although he may not realize it. Be careful about asking point blank about a relationship, since this might scare him away.

    Sooner or later, he;ll wake up and find thatt he's already IN a relationship.!

  • ur texting only once or twice a week is probably wt fears him whether your looking for a serious relationship or jus for sum kind of rather casual relationship. He afraid too that if he texts often he might come of as clingy & push you away. rather you need to buckle up & perhaps ask him out or in a indirect may like can we taking this dating to the next level.

    p.S ... stop with the txts..txts is for high schoolers & college students...CALL HIM


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  • Am not sure how can you bring up this subject up.

    You can simply ask one of these questions:

    Am I your girlfriend?

    Are we exclusive?

    Perhaps What do you consider me? A friend a girlfriend etc?

    Make it sound very casual, after you ve been joking and laughing about whatever just simply look into his eyes touch him softly and tell him you miss him when is not around and that you want to be official once you two are living in the same city. Or something like that..

    Dont scare him and ask him all these questions, just stick to one that you would be comfortable with and be straight and sweet. Don't be serious..

    About the texting, I say a text every now and then is fine but don't always initiate the conversations. Let him lead as well.

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