What is he thinking now?

Ok, so was seeing this guy, nothing official but we were both single.

Anyway we just stopped talking and seeing each other. After about 7 months I meet this other guy but it didn't feel right so I ended things. Out of the blue the guy I'd been seeing at first text me, just a hello kinda thing, so I text him same back. Secretly I was really pleased to hear from him. I sent him a funny kinda text about 2 weeks after and we had this text convo and he ended the convo with an 'x'. Something he never did before. Then next night

he text me again being really funny, so we had another convo. So he's always been super shy, and never used to be so funny and never put an x on a text before. So I could just ask him what he wants I suppose but don't wand to get it wrong and end up looking like an ass etc, so thought I'd ask any guys what they thought?


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  • It sounds like he hadn't completely finished his previous relationship at first, but now he has and he is pursuing you now. What that hold up at the start was could have been anything.


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