Got in an argument- am I being irrational? (Long)

So, I was texting my boyfriend and asked if he wanted to play the question game, he said he was going to dinner with his room-mate but we could when he got home, that was at 6pm.

Then I was working on my math quiz that was due in the morning, I thought I could do it on my own but I ended up needing some help so I texted him at 7 telling him to call me when he got him cause I needed math help.

9 o'clock rolls around and he still hasn't called. I have my math class early in the morning and I was getting frustrated as I had now been working on my math for 3 hours.

I texted him a frowning face and he said, "Why the bad face?"

I said, "Cause I don't understand when it started taking 3 hours to get dinner."

He said, "It always takes this long, we are getting beers and talking."

I simply said, "Yea but I need help on my math, you know that"

He said, " I will try when I get home. But you need to give me a heads up next time"- "Like a day or two. How long have you known?"

I said, "Forget it"

He said, "Seriously?"

I said "I love you but, am I suppose to stay up till 10:30pm to get help from you when I have been trying to a couple of hours now and then wait another hour till you can google it and figure it out and explain it on a level that I can understand it and end up going to sleep at 2am? Then have you mad at me cause your tired when you could have just been faster with dinner?"

He said "K"

Which that own it's own made me more frustrated. Twenty minutes later he sends, "Eva this isn't fair. You make me feel so bad. When is it due? All I'm saying is I would love to help you but give me time. Don't just tell me when I'm about to go do something."

I am just really frustrated because yea, I didn't know till I started it and I told him that, and I still feel like I should have been more of a priority here. They go get dinner several times a week and are gone for hours and I needed him to get home early once to help me and he couldn't manage. He ended up getting home at 10pm, showering me and calling me at 10:40, but I had fallen asleep. So I'm mad and I don't know if I am being irrational or not. I'm trying to finish college and I'm already emotional as hell because my period is 2 weeks late so the hormones are built up and I just feel like he knew and he should have come home and helped me.


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  • This is totally your fault, and yes you're being irrational.

    Unfortunately, irrational people aren't exactly going to listen to reason, so there's no point explaining that to you.


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