Your top three criteria for dating girls/guys?

When my daughter was 5 she told her daddy what she was looking for in a husband (he asked her, no idea why) and she said she wanted a guy who was "Cute, funny and obedient" lmao and I have to say she's stayed true to that even now when she's 16 that's still what she likes in a guy and the kind of guy she picks.

so what's your top 3?


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  • Genuine, Loyal, and affectionate.

    • kinda sounds like something you'd also want in a pet ... but still all very nice things for a mate lol

    • kinda explains why we enjoy having pets,x

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  • hmm.. I have many... great sense of humor, non clingy, fun and spontaneous, similar interests, somewhat wild, and is genuine with her affections. you can also add in a dash of beauty and sexuality into the mix...

    I'm still waiting to find

    • that's way more than top 3! lol but all those things sound like an interesting girl...hope you find her ;)

  • for me she has to be HOT, SEXY, & FREAKY!

    lol, just kidding! the 3 qualities I want in my dates are being decent, charismatic, and smart. three things that are so impossible to find in a girl now a days. well, at least is how I see it and how is been for me

    • were those always your criteria or has it changed as you've gotten older cause your first would be a lot of younger guys list of most important 3 LOL

    • oh yea, it always had been. any chick could fall under the first ones I mention; but most of them don't have the 3 I really want

  • Attractive (in my eyes)

    Someone who is loyal

    Someone who is kind

    • awww kind... for some reason that's sweet

    • how she treats people in general is something that I particularly pay attention too. It would tell me right away (regardless of attraction) if I'd want to be with her.

    • IA with you kindness is a very good quality in a person and very important

  • Gorgeous

    Open minded







    in other words she gives good head

    • if I had to choose 3 I'd go gorgeous honest affectionate though or dedicated honest affectionate

    • seems reasonable to me ;)

  • Kind, funny and loyal


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  • Christian, funny, and smart.

    I have a lot more, but those are probably the top. :)

    • it's harder to do when you have to narrow it down to only 3 cause you have to really think about what's most important.

  • nice, respectful, intelligent

  • Smart, funny and preferably vegan, but I could work with vegetarian (:

    • yeah I talked to a guy the other day and his girl was vegetarian and he was a big meat eater and I wondered how that worked, she'd have to be pretty go with the flow to not want to be with another vegetarian cause that'd be hard

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    • lol I like how you have vegan before honest you'd rather the guy cheat on you than eat meat.. that's commitment to your beliefs right there

    • Well, since I could only choose three, thinking about it now, yeah I'd rather he cheat on me actually. But being faithful is number four then, I guess :P