Was he playing me or being honest?

Okay so long story short - A nice guy asked me on a movie date so I went for it and we ended up cuddling & making out.. we already had some feelings for each other anyway. But thing is, he is 2 years younger than me (looks much older though which is good lol) and because he respects his parents who do not approve of him dating an "older woman" (LOL), he does not want to date me. And he told me this after we cuddled/kissed & made out. He asked his parents again to get to know me and they said they'd rather have us be friends for now. He said he really still likes me, just wants us to be friends for now, and see where things go - "if its meant to be, it will be" he said. But it just looks so easy for him? Is he being honest? Or am I just thinking too much...?


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  • He's just exploring possibilities. At his age I'd hardly call that plaing you. It's just plain PLAYING! He's being totally honest, no?

    • Yeah but why didn't he tell me he couldn't date me before.. ? He noticed I was kind of upset and called me saying "I promise promise PROMISE I wasn't using you! I really do like you but can't do anything right now"

    • He was just embarrassed about his parents' involvement.

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  • You are being played. Tell a child no and they will do it. Say it is forbidden and the fruit more desired. Like the campaign on drugs, just say no, translates into wanting to see what it is all about the best advertising campaign for drugs.

    Understand how the mind and ego work. He is manipulating you. He is telling you no and yes in the same act, if things go wrong and they will, it is your fault. He will always win.

  • Can't really say but most likely he's being honest if he puts in effort to see you or be with you.

    and if you get along well, 2 years difference won't matter. But aren't you guys too young for all this serious talk.

    • Yeah he texted me first this morning after the date last night so.. ? And no haha, this account is so old. I'm 24, he's 22

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