Don't know what is going on with my love life?

Okay so I tend to notice there are certain girls that like me before we go on a date. Yet after we go on the first date and I am showing some interest, it seems like they just stop talking to me and avoid me. Even then I am the same person before, during and after the date so it baffles me as to why this would happen. Maybe some can tell me what they do when you got your girlfriend, because I am not sure as to do anymore?

This is going right not with a girl that I went out with. Would talk to me whenever I text or call, but after the first date she is acting differently now.


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  • So why not ask them why? Anyone else would just be guessing. Some may not be honest, but I promise you some will.

    But for now...things that would turn me off on first dates, guys that brag and try too hard to impress or those that are ready to get too serious after one date.


What Guys Said 1

  • I'm confused. How do you know they like you before the first date? Have they got to spend time with you prior to the date?

    I feel there are too many variables here to provide a solid answer. Maybe you're bragging, talking about yourself the whole time or displaying low value behavior? Maybe you're coming across too serious or strong when first meeting? Or maybe it's simply because some girls want pizza when you're selling Chinese food.

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