Guys, why would you stop talking to your girlfriend?

Why would you not contact your girlfriend for 5 days, but during that time still respond to her texts? My boyfriend used to text me every day and update me on his life and now he only responds if I text him and he doesn't say much, but he isn't being unfriendly. He's never done this before and I'm getting worried.


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  • Getting really tired of constantly texting the minutiae of my day.


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  • Bored? Repetitive life style? Busy? Lost his phone? Got kidnapped? Died? Angry? Not in the mood? Hurt? Found someone else?

    I don't know =____= choose one...

  • Because I was mad or no longer interested.

    • he doesn't sound mad at all when he responds to me. I don't get it :\ But he definitely isn't being talkative.

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    • well, two weekends ago I kind of confronted him about something and I guess he got offended but I apologized a lot. and he texted me all week after that so I thought everything was fine. And then suddenly this week he won't initate a conversation. But has responded to me when I text him. I seriously have never been so confused before. Can guys have delayed anger? Like not being mad right away and then getting pissed off later? ha ha ugh

    • Eh...I suppose "delayed anger" is possible although I would think not likely...well I am playing a mostly blind hand...but I guess I would just give him some space..."Leave them alone and they'll come home"? Good saying for both cows and men...But cannot communicate anyway with someone who will not?

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